A biosecurity programme for healthy poultry


Rolling programme



  • Building is emptied of all poultry* and all litter removed (see footnote)

  • Compressed air or brushing used to dislodge dust and dirt from beams and fittings and to clean the floor.

  • All easily removable equipment is taken out to wash and disinfect outside

  • Drinker lines are sanitised with disinfectant solution. Mixture is left in the system for at least 12 hours then flushed through with clean water.

  • Electricity power supply switched off.

  • All surfaces are soaked with solution of an agricultural detergent applied through power washer at low pressure, so surfaces stay wet or foam stands for at least 20 minutes.

  • All surfaces are washed with clean cold water at high pressure to remove soiling prior to application of disinfectant.

* Immediately after emptying the building of all birds, but before embarking on the cleaning programme, producers can make a short-time aerosol application of insecticide (pyrethroid or other appropriate active ingredient). This will control all arthropod (insect and mite) pests, including those that are air-borne or resting up in cracks and crevices. Swift application, while the building is still warm, ensures good control while the insect and mite pests are still present and active.




  • Disinfectant is sprayed at recommended strength and at low pressure, covering all surfaces to ‘run-off’.

  • Roadways and aprons are washed and disinfected.

  • Re-introduce and assemble all clean and disinfected fittings.

  • Litter added and house set up, ensuring all personnel entering the house have clean clothing and disinfected boots.

  • Terminal disinfection is carried out by thermal fogging with house sealed for 1 hour afterwards and with 30 minutes ventilation before restocking.


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