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The National Food and Agriculture Show (FAGRO) plans to work alongside Africa’s smallholder farmers, with its aim being to transform the agriculture sector

Smallholder farmers AfricaFarmers will be expected to increase productivity and improve the quality of their produce. (Image source: IRRI Images)

The annual event will undergo changes with the support of local governments and other associates to improve the livelihoods of farmers in the region.

Following the changes, farmers will be expected to have the tools that will allow them to increase productivity and improve the quality of their produce, according to the 2013 planning committee chairman, Sulley Adams, who spoke at the annual FAGRO Stakeholders’ meeting held in Accra, last week.

He also stated that growers will work on projects and seek facilitation through the local government and other development partners. 

Adams has urged the government about the need for investment in FAGRO and agriculture, said, “If we are to produce more and better, we must re-invest in agriculture; we must help the poorest farmers develop their own agriculture and seek to ensure greater commitments towards markets.”

Managing Director of RST Company limited, Sampson Tetteh, said, "Demonstration farms are hugely important to encourage knowledge exchange amongst other farmers and enable the public to see firsthand how their food is grown using the latest technology to the highest standards of environmental care."