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The Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has announced that it will supply free fertiliser to agronomic farmers in the country that have been affected by recent droughts and flooding

Maize seeds CIMMYTThe Namibian government will spend US$3.2mn on supporting drought-stricken farmers in the country. (Image source: CIMMYT)

The government has allocated US$3.25mn for the production and distribution of pearl millet to the communities in Namibia affected by droughts and floods.

The ministry announced in June that it would also roll out drought relief measures for livestock farmers affected by the current drought.

It has now stated that crop producing farmers will be issued with seeds for a maximum of three hectares per farming household.

The minister of agriculture, water and forestry, John Mutorwa, said that stakeholder collaboration was needed as well as coordination and cooperation to ensure the initiative goes smoothly.

"Beneficiaries will have to be registered in closer consultations with Regional Councilors through their various Constituency offices, to ensure smooth and timely provision of the said seeds," stated Mutorwa.

The government has stored 100 tonnes of seed, which includes 20 tonnes of hybrid maize seed from a local maize seed producer and 80 tonnes of pearl millet seed produced by the ministry at different research centres and irrigation projects.