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New Holland supports Rhino Run in aid of South Africa’s Rhino Orphanage

A team from New Holland Agriculture recently embarked on a Rhino Run in the New Holland TT55 tractor to raise awareness of the plight of rhinos in South Africa and raise funds for the country’s Rhino Orphanage

New Holland The team completed the Rhino Run in a New Holland TT55 tractor. (Image source: New Holland)

The Rhino Run team drove the tractor, which was donated to the Rhino Orphanage by the company in 2012, for 3,000km from Cape Town to Entabeni, Limpopo.

According to New Holland, the team stopped at 27 towns along the route to give presentations, educate children and run fundraising events.

Diego Hernan de la Calle, Africa business director at New Holland Agriculture, said, “Sanctuaries like the Rhino Orphanage are critical to the survival of this endangered species. As an agricultural equipment manufacturer, we believe we have a responsibility towards safeguarding natural resources and wildlife for future generations. We have a long-standing relationship with the Rhino Orphanage and we hope that this project will provide orphaned rhinos with a safe environment and ensure their survival.”

The New Holland Rhino Run officially started on 1 August 2013 at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and concluded with an exclusive golf day at the Legends Golf and Safari Resort in Limpopo on 5 September.

According to New Holland, funds were raised in a number of ways, including selling the kilometres the tractor travelled at a cost of US$10 per kilometre; holding auctions in the towns throughout the route; setting up a “givengain” account that will remain active well into the future for people wishing to make a contribution; and setting up a text line (which will also remain active for a year) to enable people to make donations of US$1.50 by texting the word “rhino”.

Shoprite, one of the Rhino Run’s main sponsors, provided food parcels and a soup kitchen for the stops at underprivileged schools, where the team fed more than 15,000 underprivileged children along the route, New Holland said.

Peter Askew, managing director of New Holland Agriculture SA, commented, “We at New Holland believe that awareness is key if we want to make a difference. It is especially important to educate our children in order to ensure the survival of this endangered species in the future.”

According to New Holland, the Rhino Run raised a total of US$80,000 for the orphanage.

Arrie Van Deventer, founder of the Rhino Orphanage, added, “We need a sustainable plan going forward to assist the endangered rhino and allow these wonderful animals to grow in a safe and secure enviroment. Through this project we aim to relocate the young orphaned rhinos to areas that are safe and secure and where they have dedicated qualified people willing to care, love, protect and nurse them back to life.”