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DLG launches new technical TV programme for poultry farmers

The details of the digital technical programme that accompanies “EuroTier digital” have been announced

Poultry pictureAll 20 poultry events, among more than 300 livestock presentations, will take place in digital online format. (Image source: DLG)

With the new DLG Spotlight “Poultry” included in the technical programme, the DLG (German Agricultural Society), organiser of EuroTier digital, in cooperation with the ZDG (German Poultry Association), offers extensive practical know-how on current issues and first-hand expert knowledge at EuroTier digital, which takes place exclusively online.

All 20 poultry events, among more than 300 livestock presentations, take place in digital online format on the EuroTier digital trade fair platform within the “Technical Programme” area. After each livestock presentation topic, visitors will be able to join up live and take part in a discussion forum, ask questions and exchange ideas. The professional topics encompass all relevant issues in the poultry industry, from animal welfare to animal health in poultry farming to the ban on chick culling.

On two days, 9-11 February, during the four-day digital event, two evening event in talk show format and a dedicated poultry theme will take place in the DLG, as part of the “International Poultry Event”, organised by ZDG, European Poultry Club (EPC) and the DLG. Kicking off the poultry evening on 9 February, several high-profile personalities from the poultry industry will be addressing the audience live. Guided by the theme “Poultry Business - Quo vadis?” they will be sharing their visions for the future directly with viewers. On the second poultry evening on 11 February, experts from all over the world will discuss the effects of both Avian influenza and Covid-19 on the poultry markets. The audience is invited to take part in the discussion.

No special technical equipment is required to visit “EuroTier digital”. To take part a simple computer or laptop with video and audio functions is required. A ticket, which is valid for multiple visits over four days, is available for purchase online. English or German, or both, will be the working languages of these events

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