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Following the introduction of See & Spray Select and Ultimate in the US, John Deere is taking the next important step towards precise crop protection

SeeSpray Below 1See & Spray is not only suitable for pre-emergence treatment, but can also be used in row crops after emergence. (Image source: John Deere)

At this year's SIMA, John Deere presented See & Spray for the first time on its European sprayers built in Horst, Netherlands. The See & Spray system for Europe is based on the See & Spray Select technology already introduced in the US. It uses camera technology to detect colour differences in the field. The cameras and other hardware components are integrated directly into the boom or chassis of the machine.  

One camera is mounted per meter of working width, which captures green plants at lightning speed. Processors handle the images and the nozzles are triggered individually for spot treatment. The green detection on the field soil enables a targeted application of pre-emergence herbicides. All weeds that are also visible to the naked eye are detected by the cameras.    

However, See & Spray is not only suitable for pre-emergence treatment, but can also be used in row crops after emergence. The crop rows can be extracted by the sprayer and thus the weeds between the rows can be targeted and treated. This application is possible at all stages and for all row crops before the canopy closes, allowing the customer an additional treatment for See & Spray in the growing crop. 

See & Spray has already been tested on about 120,000 ha worldwide. The success in application is comparable to broadcast spray, but with a saving of up to two thirds of consumption. First tests in Europe showed the same results. In addition, the system could be optimised to adapt See & Spray to European conditions.

The See & Spray system can document the application of herbicides using the in-cab Gen 4 display. In this context the display creates a coverage map with information on where the herbicide was applied. The documentation can be transferred via JDLink to the John Deere Operations Centre. Among other things, this would allow sub-areas with increased weed pressure to be identified and future measures to be optimised.

See & Spray Select is already sold with the self-propelled sprayers in the USA. These machines will be the first on the market in Central Europe this year. From spring 2023 See & Spray will be available on a limited basis for the European R900i series trailed sprayers with 36- and 39-meter booms and will then be offered as an option for various John Deere sprayers from Horst in the future. 

The following components are required for use on the R900i trailed sprayers:

The PowrSpray System 

Pressure Recircualtion Booms

TerrainCommand Pro 

Individual Nozzle Control 

The agricultural management system solution JDLink  

The Gen 4 Display

StarFire 7000 Receiver