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Supplier of animal-based proteins, fats and minerals, Sonac, has announced it will launch natural protein sources for aqua feed at VIV Europe 2014

Fishfeed Phu Thinh CoSonac will introduce its new protein alternative for fish meal at VIV Europe 2014. (Image source: Phú Thịnh Co)

The natural protein sources to be launched at the event, which will be held between 20-22 May 2014, include MucoPro80 and Phosterol.

The new protein alternatives are expected to offer better digestibility in comparision to fish oil and fish meal, Sonac said.

According to Sonac, the company’s raw materials have been extracted from animals approved fit for human consumption.

Darling Ingredients International, part of Sonac, said it uses sustainable processing to select organic residual flows and animal-by-products.

Processed Animal Proteins (PAP) were banned from utilisation in feeds for aquaculture and livestock following the outbreak of BSE in the EU back in 2001, however, PAP of non-ruminants into European aqua feeds was reintroduced on the 1 June 2013.

The reintroduction of PAP will help aquaculture in Europe to solve part of the raw material problems it faced, Sonac said.

Improved quality PAP is highly digestible making it a better alternative to replace fish meal than vegetable protein sources, Sonac stated.