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Livestock experts have encouraged Kenyan farmers to implement scientific methods in the management of animal breeding in the country to improve animal health and production

Kenyan farmer Gates FoundationKenyan farmers need to promote good nutrition, best breeding practices and seek to improve other areas. (Image source: Gates Foundation)

The Kenyan government will only achieve its goal of creating a lively livestock industry if it improves areas in animal nutrition, management of diseases and conflict over the supply of livestock, according to Kenya Agricultural Research Institute.

Reports were presented during a two-day conference for all players in the livestock sector with experts from Kenya and Uganda, giving differing views on how the industry can be improved.

Ouda said that there was a necessity to invest more in knowledge as that would eventually lead to better livestock quality.

“We have seen the spread of diseases that affect Napier Grass which is the mainstay of forage thereby raising the question of food safety,” stated Said Ouda, vice chairman of Animal Production Society of Kenya.

The industry could create further growth in Kenya through good nutrition and best breeding practices, according to Ouda.