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Namibian farmers hope to become majority shareholders of the soon-to-be launched Meat Company of Namibia if a proposed bill goes ahead

Cattle farm AfricaAt a farmers’ information-sharing conference with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry held in Namibia there was high anticipation about plans to set-up the Meat Company of Namibia. (Image source: Africa Renewal)

At an information-sharing conference, held in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, there was high anticipation among cattle farmers about plans to set up the meat company, according to vice-chairperson of the Kavango Regional Farmers Union, Oiva Haimpumbu Mahina.

"We expect the entity to benefit the livestock farmers in terms of proceeds from the animals they sell," said Mahina.

"At least the farmers must get proceeds when they sell the cattle and when the company declares its dividends." 

The new bill to be proposed would see producers holding a majority stake in the meat company, while the government would own a smaller share.

"We are here to share information on the proposed bill that will eventually become an Act once promulgated by parliament," stated the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture.

"The government would own 30 per cent of the shares in the new entity, while you as producers will be the majority shareholders with 70 per cent," the Institute told the farmers.