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John Dyegh, the lawmaker representing Gboko/Tarka Federal constituency at the Nigeria National Assembly has claimed that 'powerful Nigerians' are disrupting the passage of the bill banning open grazing

Nigerian President Buhari Addresses Reporters Before Working Lunch With Secretary Kerry 19271446964Nigerian President Buhari has drawn criticism from those both wanting to speed up and slow down the anti-grazing bill. (Image source: US Department of State/Commons)

The lawmaker in charge of representing Gboko and Tarka Federal region of Nigeria at the National Assembly has accused powerful Nigerian individuals of 'frustrating' the path of the bill prohibiting opening grazing, according to Vanguard Nigeria

Dyegh said, “Recently, the government sent out helicopters to survey states where cow are being rustled, but they did not do so in Benue where humans are being killed. It clearly shows that we have a government that places more emphasis on animals more than humans. The government must tackle this issue with all seriousness before it gets out of hand.”

This comes fas protesters blocked the Benue State Government House, Makurdi, on 20 March, demanding a quick passage of the executive bill. According to Pulse, The News Agency of Nigeria reported that the protests lasted for hours and were coordinated by some Non-Governmental Organisations.

Justine Gbagir, chairman of Justice Rights Human Initiative, has appealed to the government to adopt the measures to prevent attacks in the future. Others, according to Buzz Nigeria, have criticised the government of protecting cows over the lives of humans.