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Case IH unveils new 2000 series Early Riser planter

Case IH is has introduced a new 2000 Series Early Riser® planter, the first to factory-integrate industry-leading seed placement technologies from Precision Planting® into a new system featuring rugged row unit

2000 Series Planters 2The 2000 series Early Riser planter. (Image source: Case IH)

This new planter aims to deliver precise placement across all terrains, crop types and speeds for faster and more uniform emergence.

Designed for modern seed types, treatments, populations and conditions, the new planter can be customised to a range of soil types, terrain, fertiliser and chemical application needs and varying crop residue management practices.

Daniel Bordabossana, marketing manager for Case IH Middle East and Africa, commented, “The new 2000 Series Early Riser planter builds on this legacy, and combines the most accurate planter technologies in the industry with an all-new rugged row unit. With the new planter, growers will reap the benefits of earlier emergence that is the hallmark of the Early Riser name while planting at the higher speeds they need to be competitive in today’s agriculture.”

Speed and accuracy

The 65 cm toolbar clearance and a 60 per cent increase in vertical row-unit travel help accommodate uneven terrain without sacrificing accurate seed depth and consistent closing, event at speeds up to 16 km per hour.

The equalising gauge wheels are pulled by the row unit instead of being pushed, thus minimising depth variation. It also results in greater stability at faster ground speeds and adverse field conditions.

The low angle opener and specially contoured gauge wheels produce a uniform trench, and retain moist soil next to the trench. A furrow forming point defines the seed trench and forms loose soil, creating the perfect seed delivery environment. Patented covering disks gently squeeze the trench closed, returning moist soil over the seed.

A wide press wheel lightly firms soil on top of the furrow to eliminate air pockets, ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact for quick germination. The unique chevron tread pattern scores the soil to encourage surface cracking for easier emergence in crust-prone soils.

Precision planting technologies

The 2000 Series Early Riser is the only planter with factory-integrated Precision Planting technology. This allows producers to customise their planter direct from the factory.

Developed specifically for the 2000 series, the all-new vSet® 2 meter and vDrive® electric drive deliver accurate and consistent seed singulation, populations and in-row spacing for a variety of crop types. This new metering system, combined with DeltaForce® hydraulic down force and row-by-row shut-offs for seed, liquid fertiliser and chemical, allows each row unit to react individually to changing conditions for better seed placement.

Case IH tested the 2000 Series Early Riser planter in the field at a number of customers’ farms in the Southern Africa region in 2017. The tests revealed that the seed placement accuracy delivered by the Case IH planter resulted in early emergence one to three days faster than with other planter row units. It was tested in different conditions and in every case stood out from competition.

“In dry soil with very little or no moisture, it consistently delivered accurate and uniform planting, while in extremely wet conditions, the gauge wheels didn’t get plugged with mud and the planter exceeded the dealer’s and customer’s expectations,” said Case IH.

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