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CLAAS has launched the AXION 900 series, which has undergone systematic refinement and offers many new features

2017 07 04 en en 01 axion 900 pic 2The CLAAS AXION 900. (Image source: Claas)

These include more powerful engines with a low-speed concept, optimised CMATIC transmission control, the new CEBIS terminal with touch display and CMOTION multifunction control lever, as well as the new CIS+ equipment option with multifunction armrest.

All new AXION 900 models have the proven and highly and sophisticated 6-cylinder FPT Cursor 9 engine with 8.7 litre cubic capacity. This engine meets all the requirements of the Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard. It also has a new, variable geometry turbo as standard equipment, delivering optimum charge-air pressure according to the current load and engine speed. As a result, 70 per cent of maximum torque is available even when idling. The maximum output of these models (AXION 920 – 960) has been increased and now ranges from 325 to 445 hp (in accordance with ECE R 120). As usual, the new AXION 900 tractors transfer their full power from a standing start and at all forward speeds without a boost.

Thanks to the advanced low-speed concept, the AXION 900 engine develops 18 per cent more torque than previously at a lower speed (up to 200 rpm lower). This reduces fuel consumption and guarantees optimum driving performance for all field and transport applications. Further fuel savings of approximately 2 litres per hour are achieved by automatically reducing the idling speed from 800 to 650 rpm when stationary. In ECO PTO mode, up to 95 per cent of the maximum engine output is transferred to the PTO shaft despite the reduced engine speed, allowing heavy implements to be operated at a lower engine speed.

All models in the new AXION 900 series are equipped as standard with the updated, continuously variable ZF Terramatic transmission which has proved itself in the AXION 800. It has been adapted to the higher output of these tractors and features outstanding stability and power transmission with a high mechanical component, providing optimum efficiency in all speed ranges from 0.05 to 50 km/h. The continuously variable CLAAS CMATIC transmission control system uses a new generation of software which incorporates many customer requirements identified under real-world conditions and further refines engine-transmission coordination. For example, cruise control can be deactivated with the accelerator pedal and the transmission adjusts more rapidly to the job in hand as the driver can switch between two saved engine droop values simply by pressing a button.

For the first time, the new AXION 900 is now available in two versions – CIS+ and CEBIS.

Like the CEBIS (CLAAS electronic on-board information system), the CIS+ (CLAAS Information System) option boasts exceptional ease of use and, in comparison with the CEBIS, offers a high level of convenience with less complexity. CIS+ features include the 7-inch CIS colour display in the A-pillar and the proven multifunction armrest with ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever and DRIVESTICK control lever to operate the CMATIC transmission. 

The CEBIS option has the new CEBIS terminal with a 12-inch touch display and the proven ergonomic armrest with CMOTION multifunction control lever for convenient operation of all the main functions using the thumb and first two fingers. The new CEBIS offers many new functions for very fast and straightforward operation. Its intuitive operating structure is based on the familiar CEBIS generation and has been further optimised for touch display use. One particularly convenient feature is the quick-adjustment facility for frequently-used tractor functions using DIRECT ACCESS, simply by tapping the machine silhouette on the CEBIS touch display. 

The new AXION 900 tractors will be available to purchase at the end of 2017.