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Nelson Irrigation Corporation (Nelson) has introduced its 3030 series pivot sprinklers which feature its new 3NV nozzle

NelsonLugs on the end of the 3NV nozzle prevent incorrect installation and removal. (Image source: Nelson Irrigation Corporation)

Central to the 3030 series is the new 3NV nozzle, which has been built with the precision accuracy of the company’s earlier 3TN nozzle, but has been enhanced to combine multiple functions in one nozzle.

A side inlet on the 3NV makes it easy to install and re-nozzle sprinklers. Lugs are placed on the end of the nozzle to prevent incorrect installation and removal. Changing settings on the nozzle is done by a simple ‘push and turn’, and can be confirmed by an audible clicking sound.

Different nozzle settings allow the user to switch between on and off modes, as well as nozzle flush and line flush options to remove accumulated debris without needing to remove the nozzle itself. By not needing any external tools, the chance of damaging the nozzle is minimised and since the nozzle is not removed from the sprinkler, it reduces the number of nozzles that are lost in the field by simply being dropped.

The 3NV nozzle can also function as an integral shut-off valve to reduce water consumption, and is an economical solution compared to ball-drain valves.

The new nozzle fits with all existing Nelson sprinkler types, be they Rotator, Spinner, Accelerator, Sprayhead, Orbitor or Part Circle.